HR & Recruitment Chatbot Templates

Discover powerful no-code chatbot templates for HR professionals and job seekers alike!


New Employee Onboarding template

Streamline your new employees onboarding process with this template.

Time Off Request template

This template allows an employee to request time-off from work.

360° Employee Evaluation template

Measure the pulse of your team with this 360° employee evaluation template.

Job Application template

Receive applications for a single job opening with this template.


What is Landbot?

Landbot is a no-code chatbot platform that helps professionals with little to no coding skills create conversational experiences. The features allow you to build bots as perfect for generation or qualifying leads as for providing support. Our visual canvas makes bot creation a matter of drag and drops… though, you can make it even simpler by using our prebuilt chatbot templates.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is conversational software. It enables brands and businesses to communicate with customers or collect data via automated conversations. A chatbot can be either rule-based (leads user down a pre-defined path of choices) or AI-based (analyzes natural input). When it comes to collecting leads and data, the rule-based bots have proven to be more effective as the flow structure prevents confusion while enabling personalization.

Are your HR & recruitment chatbot templates free?

Yes. All our HR and recruitments bot templates are free to use. However, with the free Sandbox plan, the conversations per bot are limited to a hundred. If you plan to use the bot for more conversation, you should consider one of our advanced plans, starting at only 30€ a month.

Are chatbot templates suitable for recruitment agencies?

Yes. Recruitment agencies can benefit from our templates in a variety of ways. For instance, the job application template can help you collect all the applicant data and export them to a centralized spreadsheet or a database. With few tweaks, hiring managers can even customize the chatbots to act as “the first line of defense” and sort the qualified applicants from the unqualified ones automatically in real-time. Also, recruitment bots can serve as support assistants and answer applicant FAQs on the go. And that is just the tip of the iceberg!

How can chatbot templates improve the HR & recruitment processes?

According to the latest recruitment statistics over 60% have had a bad recruitment experience and the same amount of recruiters received negative feedback. Many applicants declined offers from companies because of that bad hiring experience. 

During the hiring process, Landobot’s free chatbot templates can help human resources recruiters improve the applicants’ experience by speeding up the process, minimizing delay, and providing 24-hour support. 

In terms of internal HR processes, chatbot templates or custom bots can help the HR team automate tasks such as holiday or sick day requests as well as FAQs around company policies and norms. 

Do I need coding knowledge to customize these HR chatbot templates?

Absolutely no. You can leverage the Landbot chatbot builder to the fullest without ever having to resort to adding code (although it’s possible if necessary). Our interface was built to empower non-technical professionals and allow them to use their niche know-how more strategically.

If I can’t find the template I am looking for, will you build one for me?

If you can’t find a template fit for your use case, you can always try building a recruitment chatbot from scratch .With Landbot, it’s really not that much more difficult than customizing an existing template. Alternatively, you can always take advantage of our affiliate programs and hire an experienced freelancer or agency who are used to creating conversational experiences with Landbot.

Do these templates only work on the web or can use them on Facebook or WhatsApp?

The HR & recruitment chatbot templates above are designed for the web. They can be featured as a stand-alone conversational landing page, pop-up, website embed, or a widget. However, Landbot also enables you to build Facebook Messenger bots, WhatsApp bots, or bots for any channel that enables API. We also offer some messaging app channel-specific templates but so far only in a limited capacity.

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