Survey & Questionnaire Templates

Leave traditional survey forms behind... Discover a variety of free conversational survey & questionnaire templates that convert!

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Product Feedback

Gather user feedback about your product — feature requests, bugs, suggestions, etc.

Product-Market-Fit Survey

Measure your product/market fit with this survey invented by Sean Ellis.

Basic Survey

A basic survey with common question types and a simple logic jump.

Secret Santa

Turn into sneaky elves & surprise your friends,family, or coworkers with gifts with this free bot template.

NPS Survey

Measure your customer's loyalty & satisfaction with this free NPS survey bot template.


What is Landbot?

Landbot is a no-code chatbot builder that allows you to create conversational experiences using a simple drag-and-drop interface. To make the development process even esiers, we offer an evver growing library of templates including questionnaire and survey templates.

What is a chatbot?

Chatbot is a software that enables brands to talk to customers or collect data in a manner of automated conversation. Many think all bots use AI and are complicated to build. However, AI is not essential to creating a functional bot. In fact, many high-performing bots do not use AI but a pre-defined conversation flow that takes user from A to B without friction.

What is a “conversational questionnaire template”?

Conversational questionnaire template is a questionnaire or a survey that has been reformatted to feel more like a conversation. 

Conversational approach offers the popular one-on-one experience and sense of immediacy while keeping our human resources costs low. In other words, your customers can experience the survey or questionnaire as a conversation wih a customer service rep rather than a cold request. 

Why is a chatbot questionnaire template better that traditional survey template?

There are several advantages to using a chatbot survey template as opposed to a traditional one. Customer satisfaction surveys are extremely important in ensuing high quality customer experiences. However, many customers find filling out those questionnaires tiresome. Nobody likes forms with endless series of questions. 

Up till now, many brands compromised on feedback collection by only including close ended questions or limiting the number of question to minimum. While these strategies are smart, they limit the brand’s ability to obtain quality data. Chatbots, making the survey experience more interactive, conversationa and human, removing the “form-frustration” phenomenon from the equastion. Since, conversation feels more natural and engaging you are not only able to collect more data but give your brand a much more human face. 

Last but not least, chatbot questionnaire template can be easily adapted to a variety of communication channels from the web to messaging apps or social media.

Are all your survey templates free?

All the templates are free and accessible to use in the free Sandbox plan. However, the free plan limits chatbot conversations to 100 per bot. So, if you are planning on launching a bigger survey, you better think about subscribing

What kind of features are included in your chatbot questionnaire templates?

Our survey and questionnaire templates showcase a plethora of features from simple open-ended questions to button, picture or multiple choice questions. In addition, you can enrich the templates by adding Slack or Zapier integration to export the collected data from Landbot to a tool/database your already use. Furthermore, you are also free to fully adjust the bot design to your brand image, without coding.

Do I need coding skills to modify your survey templates?

No you don’t! Landbot is a no-code builder which allows you to make chatbots without coding using a friendly and intuitive drag-and-drop interface. You can watch a short intro into the builder essentials on our YouTube channel!

Is it true that chatbots have better conversion/completion rates than survey forms?

While no large-scale studies have been conducted, chatbots have demonstrated to have much higher engagement and success rate than traditional forms. 

For instance, when we first started developing our platform, we noticed Landbot-driven campaigns and forms had a quadruple conversion rate as opposed to normal form or CTA buttons. You can also check out our customer success stories for specific results achieved with Landbot.

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