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Lead Generation for Marketing Agency

Capture and qualify potential clients from visitors with this free bot template.

Lead Qualification

Qualify leads into prospects that convert with this free bot template.

Lead Scoring

Identify high intent leads and follow up with a meeting with this free bot template.

Basic Lead Generation

Collect name, email, and other basic info from visitors & generate leads with this free bot template.

Email opt-in

Grow your email list and increase your subscribers with this customizable & straightforward free to use email opt-in chatbot template.

Event Registration template

Planning to organize an event? Turn it into a hit by letting attendees sign up through this event registration bot.

Lead Generation for Real Estate

Are you a real estate agent? Stand out from competitors by interacting with potential home buyers and sellers with this elegant chatbot!

Webinar Registration template

Hosting an online webinar? Let people sign up through this chatbot to get more attendees.

Contact us template

Collect inquiries and receive questions from potential customers with this 'Contact Us' template.

Lead Generation for Insurance

This template allows potential customers to request your insurance plans.

Professional Service Recommendation

Recommend your services and book meetings with potential clients with this template.


What is a lead?

A lead is any consumer who indicates interest in your product or service. Typically, leads hear from a brand or company after they opened the communication by submitting personal information such as signing up for a free trial or filling in a contact form.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting consumers into prospects. Common examples of lead generators are chatbots, online forms, digital ads, blog posts, live events, gated content, etc.

What is a lead generation chatbot template?

A lead generation chatbot template is a pre-designed conversational flow that aims to capture consumer data through an automated conversational exchange. The advantage of using a template is quick deployment allowing you to react to the market moods and requirements swiftly. 

What is the difference between a lead generation form and a lead generation chatbot?

A lead generation form is perhaps the most popular form of lead generation because it’s easy and quick to apply. However, this form of collecting prospect data comes with a few downsides. For instance, forms with more than 3-4 fields seem to perform significantly worse when it comes to conversion. Conversational forms fix this issue as conversational back-and-forth makes the data submission natural and so, the number of questions is not a big issue.

More importantly, even if the lead was to give up on the conversation after answering the 2-3 initial questions, it’s not a problem because bots are capable of saving partial data.

What is the difference between a lead generation landing page and a lead generation chatbot?

Lead generation landing pages are typically part of organic or paid digital campaigns to attract more prospects and feature a single, focused call to action with an actionable copy. Plus, you can also find plenty of such landing page templates on the web. The main difference between lead generation chatbot templates and landing pages is that the landing pages are significantly more limited in what they can achieve. A chatbot template allows you to adapt your lead generation strategy to any scenario as it can function as a:

> Stand-alone conversational lading page
> Website embed
> Pop-upWebsite widget 

Chatbot landing pages are known to significantly increase conversion rates by instigating user engagement instantly, focusing their attention on the conversation, and, instead of letting them wander around the landing page looking for information, bring that information to them. In that sense, a conversational lead generation template in form of a landing page is able to tackle both, attracting attention to the product and providing customer support from the first touchpoint.

Do you offer lead generation templates for WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger bots?

Landbot does offer WhatsApp and messenger chatbot templates, though at the moment the template selection is limited to the top use cases on the given platforms. The templates scenarios for both messaging apps feature:

> eCommerce feedback
> eCommerce support 
> Event registration
> Food delivery support 
> Product survey
> In-store pickup

You can preview the WhatsApp chatbot templates inside our app when you sign in here, though the ones for messenger are currently only available in our in-app library. If your intended use case for the messaging app is not on the list, don’t worry! Landbot’s drag and drop interface makes bot building pretty easy even from scratch. Plus, in case you feel overwhelmed and need some help, there is also our affiliate program.

I am looking for something more complex than the templates, do you offer lead-generation-specific tutorials?

Yes, we do! There are quite a few interesting tutorials focusing on lead generation and lead qualification using Landbot chatbot builder in greater detail.

The most recommended tutorials include:

> Chatbot Lead Generation Strategies (How & Why to Build a Lead Gen Bot)
> How to Build a Lead Qualification Bot for Sales

Each of them focuses on making use of specific Landbot features to streamline lead gen. Alternatively, you can take advantage of our lead-generation-focused course in Landbot Academy, which offers lessons in video format.

Are Landbot’s lead generation templates free?

All templates are free to use during as well as after your free trial expires as part of our free Sandbox plan. All, except for the 3 webinar lead generation templates. The webinar templates include advanced Landbot features only accessible in the Professional subscription plan. Though, if you do purchase the Professional plan, they are free to use, there is no additional cost. 

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